Boise Airport (BOI)
Travel and Ground Transport

(Boise, Idaho - ID, USA)

With Boise Airport (BOI) being so close to the city, there is a wide variety of public and private transfer options available, which travel both to and from the capital city.

There are several cab companies as well as fast shuttles to complement the cheap local bus service. Airport way leads directly to downtown Boise, while I-84 provides fast, safe access to destinations east and west of the city.


The city's Valley Ride buses run regularly between Boise Airport (BOI) and downtown Boise. Passengers heading to other destinations can use either Greyhound or Sun Valley Express, both of which have counters at the airport. Buses leave from the purple curbed area just outside Arrivals.

Shuttle Buses

There are a few privately operated shuttle companies serving Boise Airport running to Boise, Eagle, Twin Falls and other nearby towns. Private shuttles depart from the
blue curbed area just outside Arrivals.

Hotel Shuttles

Most of the accommodation in Boise provides courtesy shuttles for guests; these leave from the green curbed area just outside Arrivals. To avoid delays, you should prearrange your shuttle with your hotel prior to your arrival at the airport.

Taxi Cabs

Taxis depart from the black curbed area just outside Arrivals and there are always plenty of cabs awaiting each arrival.

Boise Airport BOI

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